COVID Secure Guidelines


  • If you or anyone in your household is symptomatic, please stay at home.
  • We are going to read, pray, hear God’s word preached, and have songs. We’re not allowed to sing out loud congregationally, and everyone 11 or over will need to wear a face mask in the building - please bring one with you.
  • If able, please bring your own Bible with you.
  • Children are welcome and are an important part of the life of the church, but we are not able to put on Creche or Sunday Club just yet.
  • Children will need to stay with their parents for the duration of our time together. We are recommending that children under school age are not brought along unless you are confident that they can stay with you.
  • We can be together, but we are restricted to 30 people in the space.
  • We are not allowed to gather socially before or after on the premises.

For other details on how we are mitigating risk, please refer to our risk assessment:

Download our risk assessment