We’re called Christ Church because we’re all about Jesus Christ.  We’re just a bunch of ordinary people changed by Jesus who want his good news to spread throughout Hemel and further.

This good news is that Jesus can solve our biggest problem, sin. He came, roughly 2000 years ago, and proved himself to be God on earth, the one who shows us God and accomplishes salvation.  Jesus did this by his perfect life, his sacrificial death in the place of sinful men and women and his resurrection from the dead. 

So what?

So Jesus is the saviour.  And he saves completely all who trust in him.  He has dealt with God’s right anger at sin, reconciling us to God, he’s given us eternal life and given the Holy Spirit to enable us to live for him.  One day he is coming back again, and all things will be made new, until that time, the church continues to proclaim this good news, called the gospel.

It’s the best news ever.

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